Galciv in Europe?

Does Galciv have a European distributor?

Will I be able to pick up the game in a store or will I be forced to order it from overseas?

It’ll be in Europe but I don’t know how long that’ll be (whether it’s just a couple weeks or a month or two).

Thanks. Looks like I’ll be ordering this from America then, none of the stores around here have put up a release date, not even a preliminary one.

Besides, I’ve had bad experiences waiting for games like this. I had to wait four months for Icewind Dale 2, five months for Wizardry 8.

According to the GalCiv website, you can order the game and then download it from their site and be able to play after it’s downloaded while you wait for the box to arrive. Didn’t know if you knew that or not, sorry if you did.

Anyway, I think that is a great option. Especially for people that would have to wait an undetermined time.

Really REALLY looking forward to this game. Too bad I live in Europe too…