Galciv/Star Chamber questions, MoO2 related

First question: Is the upcoming Galciv expansion going to be available in a budget bundle with the original Galciv game? I passed up Galciv when it came out, but have recently started playing MoO2 again and feel like getting a new 4x space strategy game.

Second question: Is Star Chamber a good MoO2-like game? I was reading that it is part card game???

Star Chamber is a cross between a MOO-style 4x game and a collectible trading card game. It feels kind of like a boardgame version of MOO to me; it plays quickly (in an hour), almost entirely multiplayer (single player is just a tutorial really). Some really great game mechanics and depth. I haven’t had the time to play in a few months but I think their community was really starting to grow pretty well for an indy game with ZERO retail presence.

Also they just announced their first expansion for Star Chamber, sometime this summer IIRC.

Anyways, you can play a ton of Star Chamber without paying a cent, and it’s a small download, so you’ve little to lose.