Galloping along

Goofy Gallup polls. After following someone’s link, I started looking over the kind of questions the Gallup pollsters ask people. Get this one:

“Americans show no consensus on where Saddam might be if he is alive: 33% think he is in Baghdad; 37% in Iraq, but not Baghdad; and 27% in some place outside of Iraq.”

If a pollster were to ask me that where Hussein is if he’s alive, my answer would be: ‘How the fuck would I know? All I can say for sure is he’s not here in the living room with me right now.’

What does it matter what some housefrau in Milwaukee thinks about ‘Where’s Saddam’? It’s like those stupid stupid man-on-the-street interview that clog up the news. Ugh. Who cares?


If they’re going to make a poll, they should ask if people would want the Iraqi information minister to have his own talk/spin show.

This is why I’ve never gotten into political commentary myself.

I don’t have the resources to even pretend to care about people’s INFORMED opinions, much less random drivel.

My personal favorites are “Will there be another terrorist attack in the next x [days|weeks|months]?” whenever they change the terror mood alert and “Does Iraq have WMD?” before the start of the war.

I work on polls frequently, and there’s no way that Darr Sigilman or Leona Tunnicliff in Midweston, USA knows squat about the inner workings of Al Qaeda. Heck, I barley trust them with “Now thinking of the ideal mid-western city or town, please tell me how important the following aspects are to you…”