Game and watch?

Anyone remember the old game and watch games? Stuff like popeye, donkey kong, helmet etc? Are they availble any where? Would think games like that would bew trivial to emulate on the pc.


I remember them well (I had several), but why would you want to emulate them? Even back in the day, the only reason to play them was because they were portable. If you were at home, you were way, way, WAY better off with a console or one of the earliest computers.

Just buy Game & Watch Gallery 4 for the GBA. You’ll have a couple of hours’ worth of fun with it and never touch it again, but at least you’ll get it out of your system.

Yeah, that game is great. It’s amazing how well some of those titles hold up today. Fire, for example, was more fun than Half-Life 2, for example.

Its not for me. My wifes brother loved those games and we just thought it would make a nice gift for him. Thanks for the GBA info.

Out of interest how many collections are there 4?

There’s 4, but the first three were for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. Part 4 is sort of a “greatest hits” collection with some of the more popular games from volumes 1-3 (and a few new ones), but it’s also missing some classics like Oil Panic and Donkey Kong Jr.

Totally not familiar with any of the modern hand-helds. So will 1 to 3 work on a GBA? Is a GBA superior to a GB Colour?

The GB color was the same machine as the original Gameboy, but with a color display. The GBA is a totally different machine, but it is backwards compatible with previous gameboy games. The DS, not that you asked, is backwards compatible with the GBA but not the regular gameboy.

So the first three volumes will work on a GBA.