Game Arts founder passes at 45

Sad news. Lunar, Grandia and Silpheed.

Very sad news. So long and thanks for the Grandia games.

Just found out about this on another site, surprised I missed it a few weeks back. And can’t believe I’m just the 3rd person to post.

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete was one of the best RPGs I have ever played. Like Skies Of Arcadia, it had the most memorable and likable cast of characters I’ve ever spent 40 hours with and the love for the genre by its creators was evident throughout. Sad to hear about this :(

Unfamiliar with the games portfolio but a tragedy to lose anyone who has contributed so much. Particularly at such a young age.

I was just watching Silpheed stuff on youtube recently; that intro really left an impression back in '88. Sad to read about Miyaji.

Dang, so young :(

I was just reading up on Silpheed too. Loved that game. Sad news indeed. Oh yeah, they also did Thexder, which I just adored. Sigh.

I played through Grandia and both Lunar games about 4-5 years ago and loved them. Sad news.