Game Awards 2020

I still think the show is too long, and too dependent on trailers. Also was there no lifetime achievement award this year? I liked how they were doing those.


The trailers are why the show exists. 95% of the audience couldn’t give a shit about the awards.

Nailed it. Typically do not really care much about the awards stuff, only crosses my radar due to the reveals\trailers for games of interest. Whether that be stuff like Sekiro and Elden Ring in years past, or W40k: Darktide this year.

I don’t care about Last of Us 2 winning, but that GIF (Seinfeld reference!) is great. ;)

So was NieR:Automata, in case you didn’t know. ;)

I did not know that either! I have it installed on my Xbox Series console right now. Maybe my next game after Dragon Quest XI.

I was amused by all the amateurs disappointed at the lack of Elden Ring news.

I’ve been waiting to hear about Bayonetta 3 since 2017.

Well, it’s a complicated game that is simultaneously a lot of things, and yes, one of those things is a bullet hell shmup.

Another game I didn’t mention yesterday because it flew by so fast was the Ghosts n Goblins remake (called GnG Resurrection). It’s probably just the nostalgia talking, but other than Pong, Space Invaders, Asteroid and Pac Man, it’s the oldest game I can think of that was actually really fun.

Here’s what it looked and sounded like on the Amstrad where I played.

Also one of the few games from that era where I didn’t mind the music, even though most video game music sounded terrible back then. This one still sounds terrible, but the beat always got my toes tapping.

@Left_Empty, you had an Amstrad, right? Did you play Ghosts n Goblins on it?


Hey, I’m familiar with that music! It was used for a game on the Amstrad too, but not that one. It’s going to drive me crazy now, as to which game that was from on the Amstrad.

I think I tuned in about 5 minutes after the stream started. I saw how ridiculous some presenters and games looked, and I also saw a countdown in the upper right corner (and the rapid pace of presentations), and I assumed the actual show hadn’t started yet and this was some sort of satirical skit, with stereotypical stupid looking fake gamer-ad people, presenting fake awards for fake games.

Whoopsie, turns out it was the real deal. For a solid 15 minutes I felt like I was watching an extended I Hate This Guy skit that just wouldn’t end.

By the time I saw (my favorite Saints Row 3 voice actor ever) Laura Bailey exercise her dramatic acting ability by hamming up her acceptance of some award for some random try-hard Oscar-bait Playstation game, I realized the pre-show was on the up & up.

As for the rest of the show, I had to do chores and missed the show proper. I still need to go back and see all the cool trailers. Someone mentioned Elden Ruing up thread, that’s the ones I’m looking forward to hearing about most, so I’ll probably search that one out first.

Sadly, nothing new for Elden Ring.

There was an awards category called “Most Anticipated Game”, and Elden Ring won that award. That was the extent of the mention of Elden Ring on the show.

Well I will search out the other new stuff some time today and get excited about that.

Wake me up when they have Dragon’s Dogma 2 news. ;)

Ok, Rip Van Winkle.

The awards are the veggies you have to eat to get your dessert trailers.

I like how Back 4 Blood was like: “What if L4D, but the Zombies could be super tall!”

And then Darktide was like: “What if L4D, but YOU could be super tall!”