Game Awards 2021 Live Snark

ffffffffuuck yeah

Yeah, SS looked good, I’m kind of shocked.

Forespoken… less so. The last trailer made it look like a fantasy Control. This one is more like Horizon: Zero Dawn reskinned (and with worse graphics than than H:ZD?).

They told me to go to but the website is down.

I’m also amused they wouldn’t pay up for How much could it really be?

Another thing I’ve noticed… lots of these later announcements are PC/PS5/Series X|S only. Finally starting to leave the last gen behind.

Eh… Saints Row 5? Remake?, could be fun.

Forespoken kind of feels to me like someone wanted to make a Mistborn game and couldn’t get the license, just something about the traversal and powers strikes me that way.

Ha ha, a dude named Bowser makes games for Nintendo!

Never read those, have no real opinion on that.

Damn, I’m all caught up to real-time and having to sit through the Insta-tubers and sportsers whatnot is painful. I have no idea who any of these ‘people’ are.


Strike while the iron is hot, I guess.

4x DUNE !

That ad’s imagery reminds me a lot of Populous.

Terrible trailer for Dune.

After BL3, my hype for future BL games is low.

Also I just noticed a page to wishlist many of the games.

This is that song and game I wanted to turn off but couldn’t. Save yourselves.

Ok, boomer.

I do not want this dancing game.

that other trailer was much better, this game actually looks like a lot of silly fun with crazy traversal and combat options, not sure why they went with the this for their game awards trailer.

I thought that Steel Rising trailer was gonna be the Pinocchio game at first.