Game box art challenge?

Wow, way to cut it so all the garbage is gone from the cover. Do you have just the art without the border and system stuff by any chance?

Nevermind, I now see that the doorway is a FEATURE. :) I thought someone added it to support the title but clearly I’m wrong about that. Second looks before posting always. How I manage to forget.

I think that’s it. For some reason, the doorway was much more memorable than what you could peer inside of it.

What gave it away for me was the flagstones on the road – that’s a Denis Loubet thing, something I spot immediately for some reason whenever he does patterns like that.

(and it’s Gordon, like me he’s an Origin fan =))

I think the barbarian is showing just as much booty as the valkyrie.

If I’m right I have no idea what I’ll pick. So many choices, but I’m afraid that they’ve already been done – do we have a list somewhere? OP not been updated in a while.


Awesome, thanks!

You got it!

More great box art from Loubet.

Ok, this one is likely very easy:

Some weird alternative box art for Pitfall?

Nope, though it does remind me of that – or that creepy hand in H.E.R.O. or Joust.

Congo Bongo?

The Humans?

Nope, another clue. Off to work, so follow-up (if it involves creating another image) will be delayed.

Shadow of the Colossus

Nope, another:

Aw, that’s so cute, I wish I knew what it was.

Wizard’s Crown.

Well done! As LeeAbe noted it is Wizard’s Crown, from SSI, a classic RPG with emphasis on turn-based combat. Art by Louis Hsu Saekow.

Man I wish they’d bring back that art style. I think I’m going to go pull out my old AD&D 2nd edition books and just enjoy the pictures.