Game box art challenge?


The Trap Door?


Ha wow. I had to cheat but that there is a classic for sure. HA! I had no idea! Great pick.


Temple of Apshai?


How the heck did you cheat on that little??

And nope, no correct guesses yet.


I don’t want to describe how to cheat at this game because I don’t want people to start. Needless to say, it can be done. I’d actually meant to never say anything because just knowing about it will mean people will figure it out. To just muddy the waters, I’ll say my graduate research was computer vision and image processing.


That’s Rogue!




Well, at least I was right about that Epyx neon-silhouette art style.


For what it’s worth, I don’t even google to check if my guess is correct. I just put the guess out there and wait to see if I was right or not.

/holier than thou


This is what we should all be doing. I don’t, but we should.

I think people think “why should I post my guess if I know it’s wrong?” (after googling), but if everyone posted just what they thought before they verified then there would be a lot more activity on this thread and the game would be more active generally. People could comment on the funny mistakes, etc.


I’ve done that and been right!

Honestly so many of these are games I’ve never heard of because they are older than me, or on systems that were obsolete/ not really a thing by me. No matter how popular your Spectrum, or C64, or Amistrad game is, I’ll never have heard of it.


Yeah, it starts to feel like the movie thread when people start posting black and white movies. :P


It’s why, whenever I get the call in this or the frame game, I nominally limit myself to the Gamecube era or newer. Let other people pick the old fogey games ;)


Okay, here goes … Generally, mine are guessed in the first or second clue. I have little doubt that trend will continue here.


King’s Bounty.

[don’t ask me to explain this logic unless i happen to be right in which case i will explain.]


It’s very easy to cheat!
Like @arrendek, I downloaded all the cover art of all the games in the world and programmed a piece of software to look for colour codes based on an approximate state of coordinates splitted into zones… But enough said!

Happened to me too !

@nijimeijer, this is the game box art, not the frame game - although that is one weird aspect ratio for a screenshot…


Kinda looks like a slice of a Commando screenshot, so I’ll guess that.


Neither King’s Bounty nor Commando.


I’ll try Knights of Eisenwald.


I don’t know if we were thinking the same way but I had the same guess!