Game box art challenge?


Yeah, it starts to feel like the movie thread when people start posting black and white movies. :P


It’s why, whenever I get the call in this or the frame game, I nominally limit myself to the Gamecube era or newer. Let other people pick the old fogey games ;)


Okay, here goes … Generally, mine are guessed in the first or second clue. I have little doubt that trend will continue here.


King’s Bounty.

[don’t ask me to explain this logic unless i happen to be right in which case i will explain.]


It’s very easy to cheat!
Like @arrendek, I downloaded all the cover art of all the games in the world and programmed a piece of software to look for colour codes based on an approximate state of coordinates splitted into zones… But enough said!

Happened to me too !

@nijimeijer, this is the game box art, not the frame game - although that is one weird aspect ratio for a screenshot…


Kinda looks like a slice of a Commando screenshot, so I’ll guess that.


Neither King’s Bounty nor Commando.


I’ll try Knights of Eisenwald.


I don’t know if we were thinking the same way but I had the same guess!


Hey, you know how to cheat too. WINK


The terrible thing about it is I can’t even begin to think of a practical solution, which makes me mightily curious about the means to achieve it - and scared, if it’s about something computer are able to do I wasn’t aware of.
Like with most intriguing secrets, I probably would be disappointed by the way of doing it if I learned it though.

In any case, you put a game in the game box art challenge game, as far as I am concerned!
Need to stop thinking about it now, since I don’t have the adequate knowledge anyway.


If you figure it out you’ll be REALLY disappointed. When I figured it out I started testing and about 85% of the things posted here I can get with the first frame.

I’m not helping, am I?

Here, look at this kitten!


I won’t tell people they should play old C64 games, but durnit, some black and white movies must be seen!


Just admit you built a planet-sized computer to solve the problem. You’re not fooling anyone.



Which game has such crappy tiles on the box? It looks RTSy…

Empire Earth 2?


It looks like the ground to Banished to me. Is it Banished? Did that even have a box?


Nothing correct yet.


Here’s the next clue before I forget and go to bed.


Hm, gonna jump ahead to one that’s pretty revealing, as no one is biting.