Game box art challenge?


So the box tells me, though I don’t ever remember knowing this fact (or even hearing of the Battle Isle series) before looking up the box.

As for the new image: Pikmin 3?


Nope to both guesses.


Some Simon the Sorcerer?




Not Simon, good guess though!


I wonder if this game is as known as I thought it was… given its pedigree and all


Betrayal at Antara?


We have a winner!


Admission: I never actually played it; however, I did gift it to my father-in-law when he finally got a PC that could play games (waaaaaay back in the day), which is why the cover is memorable to me. He is a pen-and-paper RPG geek, and I was trying to get him interested in CRPGs. While he enjoyed it, he’s still not really into CRPGs. He did get really in to MMOs for a while, though, but I think he’s now mostly a Hearthstone and HoMM player.


To be honest, despite having it boxed in mint condition I never played it either. Probably because I never got round to finishing Betrayal at Krondor and kept postponing until I did… yes my backlog goes that way back.


Okay, here we go.


A bigger reveal to see if any guesses show up …






More revealed! This game must be more obscure than I’d hoped.


I know the game publisher. No idea what the game is, as that publisher was most active in my aforementionned personal Dark Age of PC Gaming!


The love child of Darksiders and God of War.


Revenant? Which I always confuse with Soul Reaver?


How on earth do you know the publisher from that? Odd shaped box?



I loved this game when it came out. The lead character was hilarious in how serious he was, but the game actually had a fair amount of comedy in it. I later found out it was the first game a co-worker of mine worked on, and I kind of fanboyed out on him, which he found funny since it was not exactly a well known blockbuster.