Game box art challenge?


Here it is


Might and Magic – Book One?


I have no idea if that’s right, but I like this guess. That orangish brown color very much feels like the tone of that game’s map.

I’ll guess King of Dragon Pass, although I don’t remember too well what its original cover looked like.


Both mighty fine guesses, and both are far from the truth of it.

@dwinn I must admit, I’ve never played a Might and Magic game.



(watched it again last night, still fantastic)


sonic the hedgehog 3


Wow :O striking, once you said it!



I tried very hard to obfuscate the cover. Damn dude, well spotted!


Fun memories of that one.
New challenge:


Operation Flashpoint: Red River?


Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar?


Nothing yet, another hint:


I recognize that, but I can’t remember where I’ve seen it (or the name of the game).




Yup, that’s it!


I was just talking about this game with a friend. Spoooookkkkeeeee


I guess @AquaMafia has to confirm yet, but you might want to go prepare your frame already. ;)


@nijimeijer with the double tap! Frame game and box? Nice!


Great Job!