Game box art challenge?





Probably not the game you remember either: I bought this one online (one of my first, if not my first purchase) dirt cheap… only to discovered upon arrival this had nothing to do with Sid Meier’s little jewel :(


I think this one will be fairly easy for people, but I like the art.


Space Rogue?


Master of Orion? The recent remake.


Neither of those.


New frame:


The Dig?


Dang it, Lefty! Stole my answer!


And I’m betting it’s the correct one.


Totally The Dig!


That is one hell of a distinctive cover.
I remember it better than the game: I merely remember walking around a lot, and being somewhat disappointed because it was written by JJ Abrams’ elder brother or something.

Something maniac, next. No idea if the maniacs will show up in this thread, but I know they are not far!






Calling Spielberg “JJ Abrams’ elder brother” is both beautiful and sacrilegious. I salute you, sir.


I actually had totally forgotten it was Spielberg. Wow, I was like a monkey typing the bible on that one!


That looks like some PS1 era Ruroni Kenshin game.

I don’t know if one exists, but that’s my guess.


Hmmm. I think it’s a JRPG box art, and it is somewhat familiar (I think), but I can’t pinpoint it. I thought it was Bravely Default for a second, but checked on Google and the box art is completely different.


Sakura Wars!


I think you got it!