Game box art challenge?


Close enough!


How in the world have I never heard of this?


I don’t know!


There’s even a DOS version in glorious CGA!


Because it was way too much ahead of its time: a game from 1980 where you play a bad guy pretender. Illwinter needs to get on this.


Someone was pretty close!


You mentioned someone was close, but I don’t see any responses to your first reveal. Earlier in the thread?


Ha ha, no, I was answering to the silence.

  1. I didn’t realize there was a dollar store that only sold weird shit
  2. I didn’t know they released a game!


I’d have thought somebody would have gotten it at frame 2.
I am very disappointed in you. Especially you, there, yes!


Hahaha look at all that weird shit that dollar store sells.


Practically giving it away. Really would have thought it would prove more popular: this is the best action game produced in the USA, it says!


I think you’re just copying and pasting random bits on to a black rectangle @Left_Empty.


Yeah, that is one hell of a busy box. Uh, Space Goose? I don’t know if I ever saw the box for that, but it might as well be this.


To hell with subtility!


Oh it’s Shufflepuck Cafe.


Thank God, you came back! =D


And here I thought you were selecting random words…


Yeah, same. ;)


I used to play Shufflepuck Cafe! That’s a pretty great bit of box art, actually. I like the pig with the cigarette holder.