Game box art challenge?


I think your right with the Thief series. I’ll just go with the first Thief.


Inside at last!


Did Thief 2 never have the triangular box, or is that from a reissue of some kind?


I never saw it but according to Moby Games there was one at some point! Thief 2: The Metal Age is one of the few big boxed games I still have on my shelf. The others are Thief: The Dark Project, System Shock 2 and Homeworld. Oh and… nah, I’ll save that for a future box art challenge :-)


New box…


Pool of radiance - gold box


Not Pool of Radiance!







This looks like something ancient and unspeakable.



Looks so familiar, one of the Ultima games? We’ll try Ultima V


This looks extremely familiar now, although I’d think it was on a book and not a game!


Not Ultima V!


Crap, I definitely owned this game as the art is so familiar. I’m thinking something to do with D&D.


Box shape is a hint as well (but it isn’t an EA game). It is contemporary to Ultima V (but not nearly as good a game).

Edit: Ok, I’m going to spill it – The Faerie Tale Adventure by MicroIllusions. A game I really, really wanted to love (it looked and sounded great on the Amiga) but it was totally out-classed by Ultima IV (1985) and the later Ultima V (1988).


Ah man you’re killing me, that’s the game I chose for my podcast with Tom. (Hangs my head in shame)


Well, it does look and sound great! And there is a bit of magic to it. It just had the misfortune of being released in the midst of one of the best (well, in my opinion, the best) story arcs of RPG-dom, Ultima IV - VI (The Age of Enlightenment). A very, very high bar to achieve.


It was my first game on the Amiga, it blew my mind because there was nothing even close. I didn’t realize that there was such a thing as Ultima games until a few years later.