Game box art challenge?


Wild Streets?


Oh, is this thread still going? I was busy programming myself not to dream about Satanic Tony Blair tonight.

Not Wild Streets.


New frame.


Wizardry 4: Return of Werdna! (sp?)


That’s it!


I’ll post something up tomorrow afternoon/evening.


First frame!


Castlevania - Mentos of Innocence


No (real) guesses? Second shot, coming right up -

2018 Frame Game



System Shock!


Nice obfuscation job, totally thrown out of the way :O


Still, Castlevania: Mentos of Innocence is my new favourite Castlevania.


It is! @Left_Empty I was going to try and get fancy again with the third shot, figuring I could fool people into thinking this was a space shooter or something, but since this one was generating ZERO guesses, I thought I’d make it more obvious. And it worked, as @geggis got it!

Such a weird cover for such a great game. Of course, the subject matter - other than SHODAN herself (as SS2 did), what do you really do for the cover?


Let’s see how this one goes:


Die by the Sword?


Beneath a Steel Sky?


Metal Gear Solid 3 - Snake Eater?


No swords, steel or snakes! Will post frame 2 up in a couple of hours.


Planescape: Torment?