Game box art challenge?


I’m ashamed it took me this long (and a prior guess, Privateer wtf?), but I think that is the original X-COM (UFO Defense).


Oh, nice one. I think you’ve got it.


You got it! I’ll update to post the full frame later today, but you can start whenever you’re ready.

Edit: Glory!


Eeeep, now I’ve got to come up with something. Let me ponder it over dinner.

I’m surprised I didn’t get that earlier, I hated the off-center border that a few of the Microprose games had during that time (MoO had it too) – yeah, I’m a bit OCD. Also one of my favorite games of all time, so yeah, no excuse for not getting it first try. The orange planet glow sealed it.


Ok, I don’t think this one has been done, so here goes…




Ishar 3?


Nope on both. A little bit more revealed, this time of little people dotted about the landscape…


Some version of Populous maybe?


Definitely getting warmer…




Yep, Powermonger it is!

While more complex than Populous it failed to get the attention that that game got. I enjoyed it on the Amiga but missed all the extreme terrain deformation of Populous.


Dang 10 seconds late! If i am not mistaken, someone posted thé Ameeican cover which went by à différent name and had nothing in common
Which is funny, because what thé hell was that Enemy Unknown cover posted right before!


Woo! I’ll post mine tonight.


Ah, French autocorrect! C’est magnifique!


Ameeican is not French or English, maybe Japanese.


No, French autocorrect dictionaries lack the word “American” out of pure contempt, so a small typo goes uncorrected. You should know that!



I’ll go with the game that taught me baseball: Hardball?


I know it is crazy with so little to go on but something about that reveal is pinging my Spidey senses hard. This one is going to be fun!