Game box art challenge?


Hey now. I thought it’d be fun.


Sorry that was commentary about the box, not your selection of the box. :)


Ooooo oooo Lost Treasures of Infocom!


Correct! I can’t post the full screenshot now but will later.


It is funny, I’m cleaning up my library in preparation for downsizing (eventually) and ran across this box just the other day. Hence why even the smallest first hint had my senses tingling. Then there was the reveal of the Ballyhoo guy and even the Don’t Panic symbol didn’t trigger it. The spilled cons and pearls finally did, haha. I don’t hate the box, or at least the photo. Anyhow, wonderful collection of some of the best works of Infocom.

Ok, time for me to come up with another idea. Give me a little bit. =)

Ok, here we go:


Full box as promised:


Second reveal:


oh how familiar that feels…


Nope, not Gauntlet – though I can see how that would be arrived at for sure! Given how “fresh” my latest clue is I’ll let it ride for a while longer, but will add that the box art originally appeared in the non-computer game world.


Interplays Lord Of The Rings RPG from ~95? I specify so much because it’s a wild guess and there’s a million LOTR games.


Maybe something in the dungeon crawl genre. How about Rogue?


Nope, next reveal:


Let’s venture into the licensed bizarre… Thundercats?


Nope. Another clue:


Knights of the Round?


Nope. Another hint:


Wizardry 3?


Getting warmer! Another hint:


The more is revelead, the less idea I have!


Wizards & Warriors?