Game box art challenge?


What a pleasant evening amonsgt gentlemen with fine tastes!

None other than one of the hardest puzzle games of all time, hidden under the superficial (?) layer of one of the best and most punishing Metroidvanias.

That game beat me, and I am not even ashamed of it!


I have never played it but been tempted many times! Will try and get something up later.


The first hour is a very difficult step. Then it flows until you are infuriatingly stuck, a few hours in. Then it flows again, until…
Anyway, brilliant game, even if only 3,5% of the players finished it (and I suspect the majority of them must have used a walkthrough!).


Yeah, that’s what keeps me back!


Thanks for the poke @Pod. Sorry everyone!

Frame 1:


Sid Meier’s Pirates!?


It’s a very good guess, but not correct!


Monkey Island 2 ?


You know, it was really hard choosing a spot that didn’t give too much away! The colour palette and lighting is so distinctive.

This was one of my favourite Christmas presents as a child just because of Steve Purcell’s cover art. The rear cover is gorgeous too:

I remember the bullet point ‘Laugh so hard milk will come out your nose’ making me laugh so hard milk came out my nose. I was surprised and delighted to discover Steve Purcell now works for Pixar and played a big part in the production of Brave, which I loved.

Over to you @Pod!


I thought I had already done MI2, but it looks like I did MI1 and Hook, both pirate themed! I was probably going to do MI2 at one point but thought to myself “Too obvious, people will get it even from a tiny bit of rope” ;)


I was going to go the pixelating route, but it turns out that if you just zoom out a lot you can still kinda see the image…



Descent 2


Not Descent 2.


Any takers?


I got nothing Pod!


I propose… Pod! Ho ho ho…


It is familiar somewhat, but I can’t remember why.


Tachyon The Fringe?


It’s probably familiar because you owned this box and played the game?

edit: @Gordon_Cameron you posted ‘Tachyon The Fringe?’ at the same time I posted this. But it’s not Tachyon The Fringe.