Game box art challenge?


@Left_Empty Dang, I should have kept current on this thread, I knew Sorcerian. Just not, ya know, how to spell it.


No correct guesses yet. Next frame…


Mind Forever Voyaging


I was afraid the face would give it away!


I’ve always wondered if that’s Bruce Campbell on the cover. I mean, Evil Dead came out several years before the game, but I don’t know if it was really known by that point. If it isn’t, the resemblance is pretty uncanny.


He kinda looks like Timothy Hutton to me.


Dang it, I totally should’ve figured that one out! =)


I guessed at the American flag (but didn’t want to do the next round :-D )


Okay, first image






Alone in the Dark?




No to both.


Next image


I thought I knew. Now I have no idea.


I’m sure I’ve seen that somewhere, but I can’t remember what it is.


Evil Dead: Hail to the King

Not sure if it should count or not, as I went fishing for it – but the first thing I fished for was a hit. That house made me think of Evil Dead so I Google’d for “Evil Dead Computer Game Box Art” and there it was.


You is correct! As with the Frame Game, I’m away from my PC, so I’ll edit this later with the full image. You’re up!


I’ll post something tomorrow if that’s OK – we’ve had so many in this thread it is getting hard to think of one!