Game box art challenge?

I am so ashamed.

@PreachyPreach a gentle reminder, whenever you get the chance to post a follow-up challenge. Thanks!


I think we’ve had this one before! Search the thread… :)

dargh. Someone else want a go?

Or this amazing list!

I know @Chappers had a nice idea, but he never wins, so maybe it’s his day!

Ok looks like I’m doing this otherwise @Left_Empty will break my thumbs. Here is the first one:

Hannukah Simulator 1988

So close, next frame:

I recognize that O… Zaxxon?

Congrats, we have a winner:

Apologies for the resolution, I couldn’t find any better scans online.


Nope. Have a smug teapot (?):

That looks familiar, it reminds me of Jeff Minter but I don’t know why. I’m going to guess Jet Set Willy.


None correct yet.

Hmm, sheep-obsessed Jeff Minter you say…?


Attack of the Mutant Camels?

Dang I was going to guess that