Game box art challenge?


Yes, but which Brit box art?!

(Also: It was the same in every other country, so that’s no excuse!)

Plus at least people might know Brit box arts, rather than wacky Japanese ones :P


Is it too difficult? Is everyone asleep? ;’(


Spy vs Spy 3?


One of the Lemmings? Errrrr, the first one?


Oooh, you’ve definitely got it.


Let’s go!

I always used to think he was doing an Egyptian dance.
But now that I look properly I guess he’s shading his eyes? Or is stressed and is pinching his nose?


Those bushes through me through a loop at first, I kept thinking the game was Congo Bongo or Jungle Hunt or whatnot. Wasn’t until seeing the very top of the distinctive green and yellow lettering that it finally clicked. One of the very first R* games. =)

Ok, first clue:


Centipede? On some ancient 8bit? :)


Nope, but you are right about 8-bit! This one is likely going to be really hard, but I chose it because it is a game that my brother and I played a ton growing up…


Micro machines?


Cannon Fodder?


Nope and nope. Big chunk to reveal now…


super cobra? (Featuring worms)



(I’m pretty sure it’s not, as that was an Apache and a Jeep, but it’s the nearest I can think of!)




Fort Apocalypse?


Long-shot, but: Rescue Raiders?

EDIT: no, i think Gordon got it.


Yep, @Gordon_Cameron got it! I loved this game. Heck, most of the Synapse games were staples in my youth – Survivor, Shamus, Blue Max, etc. Fort Apocalypse was really challenging, flying the copter on limited fuel, descending into the caverns and avoiding the tanks’ missiles and such.


Wasn’t expecting to get that one. I just named the first game with a helicopter that I could think of, apart from Choplifter!

Next box:


Second frame: