Game box art challenge?






I’d swear on a stack of bibles I played Breach on a Mac, but mobygames and Wikipedia claim it wasn’t on that platform ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The Internet Archive page lists a Mac version. I’d trust your memory.


Yes, those listings are only accurate if people like you contribute, @peterb.


I will post something by tomorrow


Is it tomorrow yet?


No. I suck. Sorry.


OK, I guess I’m known for the easy ones, but this time I’m going a bit tougher, because (hint) I bet none of you had this platform.

As always, nice big revealed areas. I hate squinting.


Lost Patrol?


Not Lost Patrol!




Orientalism for Beginners?


I reckon the game’s title is going to be the name of a country.

Was there a game called “Cambodia” for the TRS-80? If so, it’s that game!


The Way of the Mummifying Pist 2






THANK GOODNESS i was beginning to develop a complex. Peter Olafson gets it.

This early text adventure game had one particularly cruel puzzle that hinged on noticing that one of two nearly identical rooms was gray, while the other was grey.

Alternate cover of the TRS-80 Color Computer version:



This shit led to cat-hair mustaches, syphilis, and degeneracy in the Western world.

(Ah, those days of VERB-NOUN text adventures a la Scott Adams)


File under: Puzzles That Should only Exist in Nord & Bert Couldn’t Make Head or Tails of It