Game box art challenge?


Fantasy General?


Good guess, but no.


One more frame before bedtime:





(Neither the 1990-era RPG nor the Lara Croft on a Dragon action game.)




If it were DERPSPACE™ you would have gone blind already! (In a good way, though, like seeing the face of God, y’know)

Next frame:


Pools of Radiance


Tax collect… Err, I mean, Majesty.


Majesty it is!


Next one I have no idea what it is, never heard or played of the game, but thought the cover was confusing yet cool looking. Good luck!


No reveal?

As for the latest image: Golden Axe?


When I am able.

edit: Here you go:


Ooof couuuurse your majesty!

Jesus Christ, so many samples carved into the player’s mind, no wonder the cover just popped up instantly.


Not correct guesses:





Man that last one killed me. I knew the game, it was on the tip of my tongue, but I kept thinking Kingdom or Kingdoms was in the title. I wanted Majesty as a youth, but never ended up getting it or playing it. Any good?

As for this next one, looks Warhammer-y. I dunno, Shadow of the Horned Rat?


It was not too bad in my souvenir, although I never understood it. But I surfed it for a dozen hours before I hit some wall, as is usual for a doofus like me when he plays a strategy game.
If you care to play it, be sure to turn the sound off, or you’ll be changed, forever.

I can’t really comment on the guess, as I have no idea what the game is :O
Not rat realted, as far as I can tell from the title.
It looks fantasy all right.


Is that a rat holding the battle axe? No idea what this game is but it sure is intriguing haha.


Shadow of the Horned Rat?


Please pay attention.