Game box art challenge?

Atari’s Casino?

Not Atari’s Casino.

Intellivision… Poker? Blackjack? And man, the Intellivision, Atari (first party), and Odyssey2 art was all amazing. What a great era illustration-wise!

You got it!

Cool, I’ll try and get something posted tonight.

Burt Reynolds was in a game?

Ok, sorry about the delay – new box art!

Full disclosure – I’ve never played nor owned this game, I just liked the art. But I did own and play other games by this company.

Ion Maiden. Teehee.

Nope. =)

Maces & Magic

Eye of the Beholder: Maces & Magic

(I assume Maces & Magic was the the Cartoon version of EOTB?)

I love the alliterative D&D series title knockoff (shades of Tunnels & Trolls) but I confess I have never heard of it!


I looked this one up and it is actually a game I saw once, at a computer show, when I was just a kid, but didn’t know the name of.

Yeah, the series name (Maces & Magic) plus my fascination with skeletons (second favorite monster behind the gelatinous cube (bonus points if it has a skeleton in it!) and ahead of the water weird) meant I just had to pick this, despite not having seen it growing up. Though I think you’ll know the publisher, perhaps…

The cover makes a bit of an impression, I found it when looking for another game’s box art to use and had to do this one first.

Another clue!