Game box art challenge?

Burt Reynolds was in a game?

Ok, sorry about the delay – new box art!

Full disclosure – I’ve never played nor owned this game, I just liked the art. But I did own and play other games by this company.

Ion Maiden. Teehee.

Nope. =)

Maces & Magic

Eye of the Beholder: Maces & Magic

(I assume Maces & Magic was the the Cartoon version of EOTB?)

I love the alliterative D&D series title knockoff (shades of Tunnels & Trolls) but I confess I have never heard of it!


I looked this one up and it is actually a game I saw once, at a computer show, when I was just a kid, but didn’t know the name of.

Yeah, the series name (Maces & Magic) plus my fascination with skeletons (second favorite monster behind the gelatinous cube (bonus points if it has a skeleton in it!) and ahead of the water weird) meant I just had to pick this, despite not having seen it growing up. Though I think you’ll know the publisher, perhaps…

The cover makes a bit of an impression, I found it when looking for another game’s box art to use and had to do this one first.

Another clue!

Well I know who Scott Adams is but I still don’t think I’ve heard of this series. Curiouser and curiouser.

Yep. I’m beginning to think this one isn’t going to be guessed… You’re pretty much my only hope, haha.

Given the early reveal of “Maces & Magic” I suspect no one has ever heard of this except for peterb.

I’m going to guess: maces & magic: stone soup?

Would be crazy if it was Maces & Magic: Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup!

Ok, I’ll put this one out of its misery:

Soooo, I don’t know much about this, other than it is an early text/graphics hybrid and has a really cool cover (due to my aforementioned love of skeletons). And apparently it is pretty darn obscure!

I’ll try and get another one up soon, unless someone has one they’ve been dying to do, if so, just jump in and have at it!

I feel sure I’ve seen that skeleton before, but I knew I didn’t know the game based on “Maces & Magic”. Any idea if it’s been used elsewhere? (Asking you as a skeleton expert.)

I haven’t seen it anywhere else but it does look awfully familiar.

Nobody want to jump in with one? If not I’ll post a new round.