Game box art challenge?

Well I know who Scott Adams is but I still don’t think I’ve heard of this series. Curiouser and curiouser.

Yep. I’m beginning to think this one isn’t going to be guessed… You’re pretty much my only hope, haha.

Given the early reveal of “Maces & Magic” I suspect no one has ever heard of this except for peterb.

I’m going to guess: maces & magic: stone soup?

Would be crazy if it was Maces & Magic: Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup!

Ok, I’ll put this one out of its misery:

Soooo, I don’t know much about this, other than it is an early text/graphics hybrid and has a really cool cover (due to my aforementioned love of skeletons). And apparently it is pretty darn obscure!

I’ll try and get another one up soon, unless someone has one they’ve been dying to do, if so, just jump in and have at it!

I feel sure I’ve seen that skeleton before, but I knew I didn’t know the game based on “Maces & Magic”. Any idea if it’s been used elsewhere? (Asking you as a skeleton expert.)

I haven’t seen it anywhere else but it does look awfully familiar.

Nobody want to jump in with one? If not I’ll post a new round.

Ok, here… we… go!

Hmm pith helmet – some weird box art for Congo Bongo?

What’s odd is that during these box arts over the years I’ve gone to Congo Bongo several times and it is never it – someday one of us should do it just to get it out there! Alas, it isn’t Congo Bongo.

Pharaoh’s Curse?

I had forgotten all about that game (and that’d be an excellent box art choice sometime), Synapse had some great games.

But nope, think older… And related to the last one. I’m afraid this one may be a whiff too. =/

My butt says the Scott Adams Egypt-themed text adventure was just called “Pyramid”. Unless I am confusing that with a TRS-80 text adventure.


I don’t see enough space for “Tutankhamun” so I will guess Pyramid of Doom. (Of course, Tut wasn’t actually buried in a pyramid anyway…)

Yes! I am free!

I honestly can’t remember if I played this game. I would have been naturally drawn to it because of Egypt (heck, I went there for my honeymoon) but Scott Adams’ adventures were always second fiddle to Infocom in our house. Plus, 1979 is a wee bit early to attract my notice, I’d have been firmly in the Odyssey 2 phase at that time.

What’s the explorer holding? Drinking from a canteen? Eating a Big Mac?

My guess is that he is playing some funky beat on a drum for the cheerful naja.

Ok, next box:

Looks like something that would be on an Indiana Jones video game box.

It seems Cinemaware-esque to me. Fun fact: when I went looking down that rabbit hole, I discovered that a version of Defender of the Crown is currently in beta…for Intellivision. Something about that gives me joy even though I never had one.