Game box art challenge?

Looks too modern, even with the Commodore 64 bit, but I’ll say Summer Games

It was the strange American cover to the US Gold’s port of Metrocross.

I only was introduced to it a couple of years ago, and that Fatman cover made think about it. Blame @nijimeijer.

Meanwhile, here is the classical US Gold art we got in Europe. I have the feeling a lot of their covers were done by the same guy.

I designate @Arioch as the winner, because it was as likely to be Wonder Boy! Brilliant guess!

That dude belongs in the “I hate this guy” thread!

Most of the Ocean covers were by one guy…

You went from nothing revealed to full frontal!

The dude on the skateboard looks like Richard from Silicon Valley

I’m pretty sure that guy hated himself too after he saw which horrible shot the marketing team decided to use.

Might & Magic 3?


Age of Rifles?

That is incorrect.

Bandit Kings of… ancient Glorantha? (trying hard to make the Greg fit in there).

Age of empires 2?

No. No.

Hmm the only Greg I know offhand is Greg Malone, and that ain’t Moebius or Windwalker.

I’m gonna guess… Gregorian Chant Simulator!

Uh, is The Ancient Art of War a Greg somethingorother game? Guess I’ll find out soon.

All wrong!

Reminds me of art you’d see on say something from Australia’s SSG. It was a company that did front of box credits and painterly war game art (loved their Civil War series art, Shiloh I think?). One of the Warlords?

Edit: Not Shiloh, but apparently just called “American Civil War”. Anyhow, this is clearly not that, this is fantasy-like, so sticking with one of the Warlords.

I’ll guess Castles.