Game box art challenge?

Man, the original Archon was my first favourite game.

There was an Archon sequel? I remember a… weird reboot, a few years back.

Archon II: Adept was the pre-reboot sequel.

Yep, it’s Archon II: Adept! I had to post an easy one as I’m on vacation starting now. I was telling my wife during the drive that I was surprised nobody had guessed it yet then said I had no doubt @Gordon_Cameron would be on in an hour or so and nail it. Nearly exactly an hour later, wham!

More complex but not as fun, I remember bouncing off the sequel pretty quickly.

I thought it had some cool ideas and was a legit attempt to make an interesting sequel, not just a cash-in. That said, the stuff with the elements was probably too complicated for its own good. Also some of the piece mechanics (e.g. Siren) maybe looked better on paper than in actual play. Still, my brothers and I had fun with it, though it never really supplanted the original.

New frame:

Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines?


Dang. That’s funny I thought he had it. I was thinking in a similar register, Ravenloft or something with some Frankenstein creatures in the D&D stable.

I spy a “not Nazi, honest” shield on that helmet, so… Commandos?

Not Commandos!

Bloodrayne 3.

Not Bloodrayne 3.

Ah, that polish first person shooter, Mortyr!

That’s it!


A friend wrote a review about it on our gaming website back when that was a thing you did as a hobby.
New one:

Is your confusion about what Mortyr is, or that I gave Arioch two guesses off the same frame? I just figured, cat’s out of the bag, why be a stickler?

I never played Mortyr but it received a pretty good thrashing from Old Man Murray:

Mortyr isn’t the worst game ever made, it just seems that way while you’re “playing” it. Maybe that isn’t clear enough: Don’t buy Mortyr. If someone offers to give it to you for free, it’s a trick and you should run. To put things in perspective: As released, S.I.N. was a huge ripoff due to an amazingly thorough set of game-killing bugs. But later, at a bargain-bin price and after a few heroic patches, S.I.N. got a little itty bitty bit better. This same thing is not going to happen to Mortyr, because its awfulness runs deeper than just bugs. Instead of following the industry standard of half-creating a game then releasing it with a bunch of crippling errors, the visionaries at Mirage Media have made Mortyr one giant, non-specific bug. If you see Mortyr running on your PC, you should consider your system crashed on general principle - as designed, the entire package is misguided and bad.