Game box art challenge?

Hahaha. You evidently know the designer, so are you just messing with me now? :)

There could be no other designer!
Sincerely don’t know what game this might be. I am suspecting it is the one I never played, because it was online multiplayer or whatever back in 1985, but heck if I remember its name. I suspect even if I had seen an ad, I would never have suspected it was that game behind that ugly smile!

Ultima IX: Ascension

Haha, good answer.

i don’t know what this game actually is but i’m fascinated to find out.

Robot Rascals! Never played it, as a young lad that bought almost any EA album game I could afford this cover art did nothing for me.

That’s it! My family bought it, probably because it was a Dan Bunten design. An interesting hybrid of computer and card gameplay. Went down in history as an intriguing misfire, but I had some fun with it at the time.

Woah, I get your earlier comment now.

Card and videogame hybrid! Do you remember how it was? Was it enjoyable? Would the cards simply be on screen nowadays?

Hopefully we’ve not done this one yet!

Rick Dangerous?

I don’t remember it very well now. It was fairly MULE-esque, pretty fun, and totally dependent on in-person multiplayer. I suppose you could create a modern version with a virtualized deck of cards, but of course somebody would have to be arsed to go make that. With something like Tabletop Simulator and access to the original cards I suppose it wouldn’t be too hard to at least rig up something.

La mulana?


Some great guesses but nope. Next clue!

Man, I feel like I know this one…

Rise of the Triad?

Earlier than that.

Curse of Ra, part of Epyx’s Temple of Apshai series? (Maybe some variant box art I’ve never seen?)

Pathways into Darkness?

Pharaoh’s Curse?

Yep! (Though the other guesses were great too!). Huge fan of Synapse games growing up (though I’m ashamed to admit in those early days I bought precious few of them). Then (and now) anything Egypt related is like cat nip to me. The Pharaoh’s Curse was a multi-screen platformer / shooter, pretty typical for the day. Really had to let the imagination fill in the blanks.