Game box art challenge?

Man, I feel like I know this one…

Rise of the Triad?

Earlier than that.

Curse of Ra, part of Epyx’s Temple of Apshai series? (Maybe some variant box art I’ve never seen?)

Pathways into Darkness?

Pharaoh’s Curse?

Yep! (Though the other guesses were great too!). Huge fan of Synapse games growing up (though I’m ashamed to admit in those early days I bought precious few of them). Then (and now) anything Egypt related is like cat nip to me. The Pharaoh’s Curse was a multi-screen platformer / shooter, pretty typical for the day. Really had to let the imagination fill in the blanks.

@Gordon_Cameron poke, if you have the time to start another round.

Yeah, I’ve been slacking. I’ll put something up shortly. Thanks for the reminder.

New box:

Second frame:

Age of Mythology?


While I didn’t play it, my wife played the hell out of it, and I recently got her the HD version on Steam. Ages 1 & 2 and this had some fairly distinctive box art; I’ve never checked, but I wonder if they all used the same artist. The boxes felt like updates to 90s RPG style boxes, which I appreciated.

Anyhow - here we go, probably will go quick. Apologies for the low res/poor quality scan I found of the box.

Pit Fighter?

Ha ha! Got it in one! I’ll post the full reveal later. I thought the money may be a giveaway, but it’s an old enough title that I didn’t think many would immediately go there. Should’ve remembered most of us playing this are old farts.

Edit for full box

The thing about the Pit Fighter box is that I remember nothing but money being thrown around! When I look at the box art now, however, I can see that there’s not that much there and it’s just two hands terribly photoshopped onto the image.


Desert Strike?


Did SWIV or Desert Strike have a A-10?? Nope.

ps Sorry for the long delay. Busy day at work :)