Game box art challenge?

It’s older.

Eyeball dragons? Color me stumped.

Caddilacs & Dinosaurs?

No. It had a little notoriety in Europe, don’t know about the US.

I was really expecting this to go. That cover really made an impression on me as a kid.

No idea what the game is, but I love what I’m seeing of the cover. It’s awesome.


It was Gemini Wing. The game where your shot upgrades are your bombs!

Man, I dig the artwork for Gemini Wing.

So much better than Anthem’s.

Anthem got telescopic worm-eyed skull? :O

Oh hey, I didn’t know you guys had stopped using that tool that converts game box art into an abstract tinted window. I hated that thing.

And looks like you’re bringing the box art from the Amstrad era Left Empty! Nice! I was just a kid with no access to the games for my Amstrad beyond what we happened to buy when on vacation, so I missed most of that era’s actual game and game box art. It’s interesting to see it now. The box art sure over-promised back in those days.

I hardly had access to games as well (all my friends went to 16bits computers as soon as I could finally afford a CPC, and piracy wasn’t really a thing), but I compensated by buying all the magazines I could find and read them over and over.
Probably was the right call, as phantasizing about those games was much better than being shown the hard, plain truth of their suckiness!

This one isn’t a CPC game though.

Looks like Key Party '92.

One of the You Don’t Know Jack games or something?

Frankly, I had never heard of this game till last week, but it seems to have been a thing in America.
And when I saw that cover…

You Don’t Know I’m Sleeping With Matt Damon

I love this game of “who will be the next face revealed to us by Left Empty”?

It’s like the Brady Bunch but really slowly and with a lot of creepy fucks.