Game box art challenge?

Some pretty good guesses so far, but nothing quite on the nose yet. Maybe this next image will do just the trick:

Super Mario Bros.

Stop drawing on your boxes

But how else will I mark them as my own?

And no, it is not Super Mario Bros.

Update v3.0

Man I want donuts right now.

That looks so familiar.

Dead Cells for Switch?

Wow, we’re even choosing platforms now!

But no, it’s not Dead Cells.

Oh, wait, I know why it’s familiar! I’ve finished this game! Steamworld Dig 2?



I’m still playing through it myself, too. I was trying to keep myself from choosing another game from my pixelated youth.

Don’t think I’ve ever won before. What program do you guys use to create your images? Paint? Irfanview? What’s easy to use?

I just use this. If you always edit on the same machine you don’t have to create an account, I didn’t:

I don’t know how versed you are with image editing, but without trying to drown you in details:

After you have an image open:

  1. Create a new layer (+ sign over on the right next to base image)
  2. Paint THE LAYER black (big marker or paint brush on left)
  3. Set the transparency to 50% or so while you edit THE LAYER so you can see what you’re doing (click three dots way over on right on the layer for drop-down)
  4. Cut out sections from THE LAYER as you reveal (a Scissor button on left, be sure to select REMOVE)

Save and upload each iteration.

Heh; shape of the box, and picking a title that I doubt saw physical release on other platforms.

Hehe, a big reason I selected this game is because it, and games like it (many indie and AA games), saw physical releases on Switch and nowhere else. So many games now days don’t even have genuine box art any more, just Steam title pages or Microsoft Store thumbnails etc.

Thanks kerzain. Your instructions were very useful.

Dungeon Keeper!

Not Dungeon Keeper.

Diablo 2!

One guess per image per user!

Edit: Or was that only a rule for the frame game thread?