Game box art challenge?

Hehe, a big reason I selected this game is because it, and games like it (many indie and AA games), saw physical releases on Switch and nowhere else. So many games now days don’t even have genuine box art any more, just Steam title pages or Microsoft Store thumbnails etc.

Thanks kerzain. Your instructions were very useful.

Dungeon Keeper!

Not Dungeon Keeper.

Diablo 2!

One guess per image per user!

Edit: Or was that only a rule for the frame game thread?

I have no idea. I just went one guess per denial. I will hold off till the next image though because I need to go play a game anyway+

I think the rules are the same here as the Frame Game–one guess per person per image.

Brutal Legend?

I never realized we had rules. This changes everything.

No correct guesses yet. Here’s more.

Man, I totally thought that was Diablo 2.

How many liches does it take to fix a skull bulb?

Dragon Warrior II

Some more clues.

I don’t know, but I feel bad for that mouse.

Let’s show some more then.

I am not familiar with this box art. Although it looks like the sort of Album cover Mastodon would have had if they were an 80s band.

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves?