Game box art challenge?

When I lived in Qatar, I had an Amstrad 128cpc, one friend of mine had a Sinclair, another friend had an IBM PC, and another one had the Commodore 64 who was in a completely other circle than the rest.

A bit before my time, so the only way I’d even know what it is is by searching for it. And can confirm, trying to find it was a heck of a task.

I’m pretty familiar with British games because of rampant C64 piracy in the '80s (and my adoration of the SID music composed on that side of the pond), but the piracy thing means I don’t know the box art very well. And the only rabbit-themed '80s game I can think of is Super Bunny, which obviously wasn’t the game in question.

So did @Left_Empty lose and has to go again, or does @Ginger_Yellow wanna put him out of his misery and post the answer?

I guess I’ll try to come up with a new one today and if nobody guesses right by the time I do I’ll jump in. Is there an updated list of ones we’ve already done?


OK, I have one. Will do the first clue in a few hours after work.

The unsolved one is Lop Ears.

Wow, Lop Ears is a really terrible unmemorable name for a rabbit game.

Edit: Looks like the graphics didn’t even emphasis the ears all that much either.


Edit 2:

Wow, so it’s not even a lop-eared rabbit on the cover or in the game.

Our long national nightmare is over!

Populous: The beginning



It’s not; here is the full cover as reminder:

Any more guesses? I’ll give half an hour and then post the next clue

Edit: It’s not Homeworld, just to be clear. Though it does also involve innovative use of 3D movement.

Star Ocean?

No, but it has both those things.

No more takers. OK, here’s a big clue:

Virtua Tennis?