Game box art challenge?

Total War Shogun 2?

Not TW Shogun 2.

Army Men

Edit: Well shit, I guessed this before the second reveal but the thread hadn’t refreshed. This is certainly not Army Men.

Guess again. I absolve you from the rule.

Kohan: Armies of Airmahn

Not Kohan.


That’s Buck Rogers!

Specifically, Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday the first of (sadly only) two entries that SSI made putting its famed Gold Box engine in space. This remains my favorite space RPG of all time. (I never played the second, Matrix Cubed, because SSI never released the Amiga version despite it being apparently finished or nearly so.)

Is the cover a Franzetta? I remember it being so striking because it resembled all the fantasy material I was devouring at that time in my youth.

Anyhow, I’ll have a cover up soon.

Okay, I don’t think this one has been done before.


Jet Set Radio Future

Good question, and I don’t know. The credits in the manual don’t include the box art and neither the front or back cover scans have clues. I am almost positive it was art direct from TSR and was probably used on paper and pencil Buck Rogers materials since that’s how the other TSR box covers usually went.

The art was by Jerry Bingham. I thought that was who it might be as his was the cover art for the Buck novels First Power Play (packaged with the game), Matrix Cubed, and, I think, Prime Squared.

I found a page for the original RPG on Amazon and his signature is on the cover art of it:

(Hard to see without a careful zoom in.)

That’s awesome that you found that! It so strongly adheres to genre art of that era. A great choice!

As for the answers to what I posted - no to both guesses.


Not Kaboom. Next image -

River City Rampage?