Game box art challenge?

The American Civil War

I’m glad I’m the only one at my work office right now, since I laughed out loud.

There was a history channel branded civil war game. Amiga seems too early for that though.

The only Amiga era computer wargame I can remember is Borodino.

15 Deutschmarks? Bargain!

The only Amiga-era US-civil-war-era game I can remember is North and South. So I’ll guess that.

(I know it’s not North and South, but it’s the only Amiga-era US-civil-war-era game I can remember)

Loved that game. We did it in this thread earlier though.

This was not an Amiga-first title, I believe. It was a conversion.

Final one before I throw in the towel.

i have honestly not the slightest idea

No Diggity: The American Civil War

No más: The American Civil War

I’m trying to think of a historical Civil War quote that would fit there, but drawing a blank.

Pretty sure I know this one. Though it predates my strategy game years, No Greater Glory is an old Civil War game I know exists.

That is right! It was a very unique approach IIRC. It was a wargame but also simulated political aspects. (Like appointing cabinet members maybe?)

It was by Ed Bever who used, I think, a similar system in an American Revolution game published a few years earlier (late ‘80s vs. early ‘90s) by Britannica Software.

I found it interesting but never spent tons of time with it. Unfortunately it was one of SSI’s last Amiga games and was when they had basically washed their hands of it. (Notice that the A3000 isn’t even on the list of supported machines on the box.)

Edit: Also note that one of the requirements is “color monitor” which seems completely inappropriate for an Amiga. It’s like 1990s SSI wasn’t aware of the difference between the color-only Amiga and the ST where monochrome was a thing (and which few games supported although SSI’s first ST conversions (Phantasie I and II) actually did).

That SSI logo and that Amiga sticker felt like an alternate dimension to European teen me.

@CraigM you gonna post a box?

That is not how I pictured you at all.