Game box art challenge?


I’ll post the next shot in order to move things along -

No More Heroes?



Man, Sierra hyped this game so much pre release as the next big thing. Especially since it was such a huge departure for Roberta Williams. I really wanted to like it, but I found it mostly dreadful. Sierra’s next attempt at an FMV game, Beast Within, was far better. To be frank, I think it has an even better box cover, too, but I couldn’t find a really good shot of it, and I no longer have the box.

I’ve seen this cover so much, but i never would have been able to guess it , as i am still unable to process what it represents or even evokes.

Yeah, for sure. I remembered it instantly from recently flipping through old gaming mags.

Here’s another one.

Freedom Fighters?

Half Life: Opposing Forces

My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

I miss Adrenaline Vault and haven’t thought about the site in many, many years. Now I feel old, disconnected, and sad. Wasn’t their demise caused by hackers deleting all their site data out from under them?

Anyway, my guess is:

Max Payne

Nope, it’s not a game for the kiddos.

Re: Adrenaline Vault, yeah, something like that. :(

Quake 3?

No 3 or Qua in the title.

Silent Hill

I feel like with quotes from Avault and Thresh, it’s gotta be a PC game. Probably a shooter…

But right now all I can think of is that the original Hitman had a mostly white cover, I think… so I’ll guess that.

If you want a trip down memory lane, their stuff is archived here:

(Well, I guess it’s just an assortment of Wayback Machine links, but it’s kinda convenient.)

It’s very convenient because they link to backups with all the pages of a given review properly dumped (bunch of retrieves were partial when something went wrong with the server ironically, I gather).
Some dreadful JS leftovers though XD

Silent Hill is a good, but wrong, guess.

Yes to PC game. Not part of the Hitman series.

Thief 3?