Game box art challenge?

I think I know what it is excepting I don’t know the name XD

Okay big clues coming up!

Murdered soul suspect?

It is!

While I don’t necessarily think this game is underrated, I think it’s good enough that more folks should’ve played it. It’s a pretty solid title. It was fun enough for what it was, with a fairly unique story and setup, served with lukewarm gameplay. A great diversion title.

Oh cool. I never played it but had a physical copy laying around, when my sister came to visit a few years ago she played it for a while. Seemed interesting but I never got round to it. I’ll have something up later this evening or early tomorrow

Alright, here we go

Doctor Who?

System Shock? That border kind of reminds me of that box.


and nope again

Zamboni Driving Simulator?


Oooohhh so close, but no :D

Nope, here’s another

I love these old game boxes that showed amazing things and wrote checks that the actual gameplay couldn’t cash. Except if you used your imagination. But I guess the game boxes were there to help you imagine the right grandeur.

Ah, look, it’s English, not?
Some yellow note: dork reviewer obviously much enjoyed.

Space Harrier?

Hmm, has some Alien Storm vibes to it but I do not believe that is the correct answer.

Non, mon chéri



You didn’t get it (nor anybody else ;)

Is that Alien Syndrome? Or Alien something?