Game box art challenge?

That is correct. Sorry for the delay. I’m out with the family right now so I’ll update this later with the full box image.


I’d forgotten I’d even guessed! So ditto about the sorry for the delay :)

re: SMAC. I bought it from some computer fair, and went home thinking I’d bought a counterfeit copy. The print quality on the box was poor, and the disc had a printed image on it that was terrible. However I had a giant fat manual, which surely a counterfeiter wouldn’t produce? So I spent a lot of time looking at that box trying to figure out if it was dodgy or not.

But looking now online at the [](images available), and at the sunset provided here, it was clearly just a poor image production ;) I distinctly remember the edges of that sunset looking terrible where it blended/dithered into the faces.

Picking boxes to put in this game is basically impossible. They’re either really obvious, or from an obscure game. So I’ve hopefully gone for the second option ;)

You can start with one of my favourite things: A glistening, sweaty knee.

(click for big)

Yourshape Fitness Evolved?

The Rocketeer?
Unnh, I meant, Rocket Ranger.

I already posted Rocket Ranger a while back. Sorry I didn’t make a wiki yet. Anyone else wants to, they are welcome to have at it…

I took the liberty of making one. I’ll retract it if it isn’t satisfying.
Edit: and figured how to make it a wiki.

I wanna say Dragon Wars. You might have given away too much, by saying that it’s a knee.

Aww man. Out of all the glistening body parts adoring pulp-fantasy inspired box art, you had to pick the correct one.

(Really though: Did me saying it was a knee help? To me it looks very knee-like no matter what.).

I never actually played Dragon Wars for longer than 5 minutes, but I loved it’s weird square box with oily people on the front.

I think definitely knowing that it was a knee helped me make the leap, yes.

Therefore, I’ll try not to say anything:

Foiled by a knee!

As for your image: G-Police?

Not G-Police:

Descent 2?

Not Descent 2:

Urban Strike?

oooh, I know it! 😁

The idea is to type your guess into the box and press reply ;)

(I guess Urban Chaos)

I love this answer, even though I don’t think it is correct.

Also this is he game I was thinking of, at first.

Now? AAaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAaaaaaHHHHaaahHHH (or however its spelled): A reckless Disregard for Gravity?

I have no idea what the title of the game is, but I can picture the box art pretty clearly since the second image. I definitely remember seeing the box, but I don’t think it was a game I ever played.

If it was a chopper on the box, defintely seen it too. Dang this is irritating.

Not Urban Strike, Urban Chaos or AaAaAA!!!: