Game box art challenge?

So the app I used didn’t save the image the way I wanted. This reveal doesn’t quite match the earlier ones.

Simon the Sorcerer?


Questron II


Since I haven’t the foggiest how to do a black cover image reveal, and since his guess bumped my memory, @nijimeijer should take it. We’ll be here until next year waiting for me. ;)

It’s fine, we are used to six months waits in here!

I’ll post one while @triggercut figures out how to do a cover image reveal.

Warning: I’ve never played this one, but when I saw the box art, I was like “This must go in the box art challenge at some point because wtf”

When Two Worlds War?

Not When Two Worlds War.

Next shot -

Okay, it’s gonna get weirder

Space 1899?

Sorry, Space 1889.

@PreachyPreach yes well done! I’ve never played this game. I ran across the box art, though, and it is such a spectacular wtf piece of art that I had to throw it in here.

I have to admit that before PreachyPreach correctly guessed the game that last reveal had me wondering if there was a video game that had used a space adaptation of Moby Dick as its setting. Time to file that one under games that probably don’t exist but now want to see, haha.

That is a crazy concept for a game, and crazy box art. Nice find!

There’s a Dr Who episode with a space whale. Might have found its way into one of the games.

From what I remember of reviews of the time, it was apparently bloody awful, despite the theme.

I played it. I didn’t get very far, but it seemed interesting. I assume it got bad reviews in the British Amiga magazines because it wasn’t arcadey and the graphics were serviceable at best.

Here’s the Mobygames quote from Computer Gaming World’s review: “ Space 1889 is an intriguing product, and ideal for those who like adventures with a unique flavor. Players who revel in bloodshed should look elsewhere, but garners who yearn for something different (and don’t mind having a dash of history thrown in) will find what they’re looking for in Space 1889.”

I had it back in the day. It used the same engine as the Traveller games but I think they may have added a pause to combat so you weren’t trying to control 6 characters at once during a real time combat phase. It had cool character generation that supposedly would work for the PnP game if you wanted.