Game box art challenge?

It’s not tomorrow, but here we are. Apologies for the delay.

Forza Horizon?

Not Forza Horizon. Next image -



I’m calling in @Scotch_Lufkin to take a guess since I already guessed once in this frame.


Not Hardwar. I don’t know what that is, in fact.

It’s a bit like that recent Cyberpunk taxi driving game Brian and others are fond of (and whose name I can’t remember, excepting I think there is Cyberpunk in it) excepting it’s over 20 years old and it took place on a Titan city without atmosphere. A bit like Privateer but very limited in scope, and quite oppressive.

Hardwar evoked a lot, but then didn’t actually have much substance. It was great piloting a floating ship through different parts of an intensely foggy city/outskirts area. Great atmosphere. But there wasn’t much of a story or characters or much to do in that world.

Auto Assault? That was the last MMO I played where I actually had the box.

I have a guess I’m dying to make, but I have to wait for a new frame. I’m probably wrong, but it fits in my mind’s eye at least. I’m resisting looking up my guess.

Redneck Rampage?

I have one too!

Not Redneck Rampage - but at least I know what that one is.

New frame; let’s see what guesses you have on deck.

Well, I was going to guess Full Throttle, but the new image clearly rules that out now. Damn.

Is it a Twisted Metal game?

It is not.

Is it Interstate 76?

IT IS. A game with an absolutely astounding soundtrack, amazing style, and some fun gameplay! To be honest, I spent most of my time in the arena mode and the vehicle construction mode. The sequel kind of sucked.

I love that they just wholly embraced the limited graphics of the day when making the cinematics.

Unfortunately, I’m literally about to go off on holiday for a week, so if anyone wants to jump in, be my guest.

It’s also probably the only game to have a “read a poem” button.