Game box art challenge?

It’s almost like Star Control 3 with the puppet faces or something.

Oh that’s Activision’s seminal action game… uh… GlassSmasher 4000!

Stop posting dongs.

Wow, that box makes a compelling case. I want to play this, whatever this is!

Borrowed Time? I don’t remember the box for that game at all, but the text in the lower left sounds like it

That is it!

Borrowed Time was one of three (I think) illustrated text adventures developed by Interplay and published by Activision. I really liked it on the ST back in the day. It’s only real problem was random death. Literally random. You needed to quick save regularly.

It was later re-released as Time to Die.

Based on the box I would assume it’s a 1990s FMV adventure, though the Activation logo is clearly older than that.

Turns out, looks-wise, it’s a combo of interactive fiction and an early 80s RPG!

I do miss that “image inset in a control panel” look that old games had.

1985/1986 ST and Amiga ports. It came out early in their lives. It was a seminal game for me on the ST. Despite being an adventure, I replayed it although not as often as I replayed Tass Times in Tonetown which I posted earlier in the thread. (Now after reading your post, I wish it had had RPG elements though!)

I never really got anywhere in the game, though I remember trying to play it several times.

Can someone take my turn please? I’m swamped atm, and won’t be able to make an image until day after tomorrow at earliest.

Ok, here’s a new box. Giving away the era right off the bat:

Racing Destruction Set?

Decent guess, but no…

I think I owned that game: Chuck Yeager’s Advanced Flight Trainer?

You may have owned the game, but it is not Chuck Yeager’s Advanced Flight Trainer:

Super Boulder Dash?

Not Super Boulder Dash. Here are some symbols:

And a word:

Sentinel Worlds “1”.
I’m not very bright.