Game box art challenge?

Haha. It has. Didn’t think to look back here. I won’t be able to post anything til tonight so if someone has something to ahead. If not I’ll get something up tonight when I get home.

Sorry for the delay. Don’t think this has been done yet. At least I couldn’t find it.


Not Neuromancer

New image…

Ratchet & Clank?

Oooh, I like the guess but nope. When I drop my next image I’ll also add in a hint.

The art, so far, has damn near nothing to do with the game.

So I knew this one was kind of a dick move when I posted it. Perhaps even the only dick image I’ll ever post publicly. hahahaha…ahem.

This adds some parts of the actual game, even if they are much cooler here than in the game.


Much closer, but no.

3D tic tac toe! We owned that game, somehow, haha.

Totally 3D tic tac toe! How could it be anything else!!!???

From the robotic hand on the second frame, this was torturing my memory, and suddenly, the soft blue border solaced me. Phew!
I have no idea why my mother had bought this. It wasn’t that bad, but usually she was gifted for finding real gems, like the immortal hit Frostbite.

BC’s Quest for Tires? Just off the cartoons vibe

Some early military flight sim. But those weren’t my jam so I have no idea.

Nope nope!

Harrier Attack?

That’s not it!