Game box art challenge?

From the robotic hand on the second frame, this was torturing my memory, and suddenly, the soft blue border solaced me. Phew!
I have no idea why my mother had bought this. It wasn’t that bad, but usually she was gifted for finding real gems, like the immortal hit Frostbite.

BC’s Quest for Tires? Just off the cartoons vibe

Some early military flight sim. But those weren’t my jam so I have no idea.

Nope nope!

Harrier Attack?

That’s not it!

ACE, Air Combat Emulator?


I don’t know what it is, but I really want to play it.

It’s a very good game. Probably.

It tries to make the Harrier look exciting, but I’d quite like to play the Fire brigade putting out the fire in one.

As for my guess: Not-So-Space Harrier?


No Carrier Harrier

Airport madness

Ho ho, somebody’s getting hot!

Little known, Actitarivision adventure game “The Wrong Week to Quit Sniffing Glue”?

Getting cold, very cold now…

Oh, now I know it’s MICRODEAL I know exactly what the game is!

(I don’t).

A random guess is : “Air Traffic Control Sim for the Spectrum”.

(I thought I had used this guess up last week, but it turns out it’s a bit older than that)