Game box art challenge?

Battle Isles?

Green Beret?



Def giving me Ogre vibes.

It’s not Orge! Quite a different gameplay genre than that.

Wings of Fury?

Nyyyeeeeeoooowwwmn dakka dakka dakka

ps @Left_Empty, you won!

Wow, very evocative cover because I don’t have a real memory of it, but it just evoked that game to me.
I am very fond of that (very small) genre of sidescrolling semi-simulator shmup, spawns of Skykid or something. The Wing Bluff is a lovely take on PC, but it has never been translated. There is a surprisingly decent one on the Switch, called Rogue Aces, often discounted for less than a buck too!
Oh, there is a Steam version that’s been released last year as well, with local multiplayer. That’s sweet.


This is the EU cover. Maybe you know the US or Japanese one? I think in a lot of the ports the splash screen / title card looked like this cover.

Me too! Did you ever play Airstrike on the Amiga? It was like Wings of Fury but played at 3x speed. Great game. But also very buggy :)

As for the latest box: Temple of Elemental Evil?


I’ll give it to you, @Rock8man, because I do that mistake myself all the time:
it’s Drakengard, the best PS2 game.

This is probably where I seen it then, because I was playing some illegal copy on a friend’s Amiga at the time.
I remember seeing jet strike much later, and thinking it was freaking unplayable yet not wanting to let it down until I took off properly!
It’s a pattern of all those games: so freaking hard to get off the ground.
There was a very old, CGA PC game, Sopwith? that was also a bit like this, that I played only 10 years ago or something. Pretty sweet game.

First I’ve heard praise for it.

It didn’t get reviewed well.

63 on Metacritic.

It’s a unique game, and the English version, although professionally translated, was quite butchered apparently. I’ve been watching a (30 hours!) playthrough of the English one and making notes of all the difference I can notice, it’s funny. I have a funny life!

Sopwith had a thousand clones. One I played relentlessly on the Amiga was called bip, which was probably short for “biplanes”. I think I ever played on on the 360?! A quick google shows them all to be cones / inspired by some 1976 vector graphics arcade-game

I’ll take Sopwith as the forefather, because the simulation aspects of those games (speed and fuel management for instance) and the light strategy of the more advanced ones are what appeal to me.
Speaking of which, I played more Rogue Aces, and damn is this game good. It’s got quite a few surprises too.

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