Game box art challenge?

Absolutely not. Need to play that game.

Abe’s Odyssey?

Age of Empires was one of my favourite boxes back in the day, along with the sequel. The expansion packs were very B-quality art compared to the main game, though.

I’m going to break the rules and guess again. Fallout 2?

Sorry, that’s illegal, so I can’t tell you whether it is Fallout 2 or not.

It is not Abe’s Odyssey.


Dungeon Master 2?

Neither of those!

At the moment, that looks like one of those AI created nightmare art things, not a game box. :) Dragon[something]? Dragonsphere, I’ll guess. Looks like a dragon’s eye maybe.

All I see is the big plumber’s crack right in the middle. So, Super Mario: Doing What it Takes


Sinbad: Throne of the Falcon?

The cinemaware game? I remember being in awe watching some stamp sized screenshots in a magazine, my first game magazine ever (which was actually mainly about board games. Old times!). It seemed surreal. Never seen the game actually, I would probably be disappointed.

And no correct guesses!

And found the pages: those screenshots aren’t as beautiful as in my memories, haha. The net can be awesome.

Neither have I, despite owning it. My copy used to crash 2 minutes in on my Amiga. :’(

I definitely feel like I’ve seen this cover. Is it Legend?

Curse of the Azura Bonds?

It’s none of those.

I know I’ve seen it but have no idea what game it is.

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri!

The US cover must have been very different to the EU one ;)

Is it Civ: Call To Power?

Same here. That’s REALLY familiar for some reason. I’m going to kick myself when the reveal comes.

Really it’s not? I thought that was Gaia and another alien from the game in it.