Game box art challenge?

Not Parappa, but you’re in the ballpark!


Um Jammer Lammy?

Neither of those!

Okay, I’m sure there are Qt3ers who have played this (pretty sure?). Now I just hope they’re followers of this game!

Norabunga’s Manbition?

Based purely on the partial word revealed and clues above, I’ll say Gitaroo Man?

Thank you, nijimeijer!

I had a tough time choosing between two boxes. Ultimately, I chose the one that was perhaps less recognizable, and more assholey, though still probably easily gotten by many here.

Space Hulk?

Thief The Dark Project

No to both!

Next image -

Terra Nova?

No, but that’s one of my favorite games of all time, so any time someone brings it up I’m pleased someone else knows it exists. It’s barely ever referenced, but I think it’s a lost gem.

Okay, next -

That’s Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

It is! And the weird shaped box, too! PC boxes were sometimes so weird back in the day.

I knew I knew it.

I remember that box well! (Although I didn’t have a CD-ROM drive until much later, so I played the non-voiced version originally.) For me, GK looked like the greatest game ever–a serious story, top-notch art for the genre, cool voodoo theme. And it WAS great (if a little frustrating in the puzzle department). I have to imagine I would have called it my favorite game of that year, as great as 1993/94 were.

Warning: I may have picked a box that is TOO iconic: