Game box art challenge?

Never even heard of it before. That sounds really fun.

Neither have I, and I won!

I’ve heard of the following game, but I’d never seen the box art for it before now:

No crotch aficionados in the house? What about aficionados of Big Sci-fi Guns?

Maybe we need to make a 2023 version of this thread to refresh everyone’s notification settings ;)

Duke Nukem?

I have no idea what that is but I’m curious. Looks like some old Taito Genesis game box or something.

I think you got it.

Like, the first one, or the second one? :)

(As far as I can tell the first one has no box)

That gun is so weird. Sure, let’s make the bullet do a chicane between the chamber and the barrel.

Is it actually firing bullets, or giant fireball? Maybe giant fireballs are best shot from a kinked gun?

@DoubleG , your turn :)

My god, that is priceless. Thank you for this box, whatever it is.

Limbo of the Lost?

The Three Musketeers watch a Porno?

Arrgh, I remember this box. If it’s the one I’m thinking of, I think these dudes are in a modern house, perhaps watching a person play the game. I just can’t remember the name.

Shit, I think I know what it is. Since my above post shouldn’t count as a guess - is it Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? Before they got the stylized boxes? I had the Apple II version, and I think this is the box.

Well done gumshoe!

Between chronoskip cases, the game would let you visit a shitty break room featuring a coffee machine that fucked up constantly. This had no gameplay purpose at all.

I loved those games when I was a kid. I’ll get something going here soon.