Game box art challenge?

No but…

now I’d be very disappointed if the Amstrad fans…? or fan didn’t get it!

That looks like the URE from Durell. The only game I played from them was Turbo Esprit. Great game, Turbo Esprit, but this one is clearly not that.

Looking at the list of games from Durell, maybe it’s Thanatos?

Wow, didn’t expect the URE of DURELL to be a hint, was thinking it might mislead when I looked at it again!

It’s indeed Thanatos. Beautiful concept. Beautiful animations. Beautiful soundtrack. Beautiful cover.

Horrible game.

I’m happy the other fellow CPCer got it!

Yay! I have a box art ready at work, so someone ping me on Monday if I forget, I’ll post the first picture of the new box then.

Ok, here we go.

Rocket Ranger ?

Here’s a better hint.

Huh, well that does make what was going to be my joke guess, some sort of Dan Dare game, a bit more plausible.

You’re warm, I think.

Green Beret? But I don’t remember that janky flyer, and i can’t come up with any other name linking Kaki camouflage and Konami

You got it!

I suspect that just like Green Beret had different versions for each platform, it also had different covers.

I played that game a LOT on my CPC.

Ok, now let’s stop doing Amstrad games for each other. Pick something else! :)

Man, it looks silly these days. My memory had it looking a lot better than this!

You won @Left_Empty. Don’t forget to find a new box.

i’m tryin , but all i know are cpc and japanese ones !

Cool, do a Japanese one this time!

Okay, this one shouldn’t be hard to guess for any gamer.

Duh, Space Walnuts.

I think it looks like an Easter Island type of face, maybe.

Star Trek 25th Anniversary Edition?

That’s the only game I’ve played which had the Easter Island faces.

Probably not!