Game box art challenge?

Ho ho, I take that as a double entendre, and no.

I don’t believe this is even box art.


I’ll argue it is box art, by coping out and resorting to the wide-encompassing classical philosophical definition to art, which is something done by the hand of man. And while I think this wasn’t done by robots, yet, Photoshop might have been involved a bit too much, it seems!
Not great art. But appropriate, in my opinion. Obviously inspired by another cover, if this might help somebody.

I think I’ve seen that owl somewhere. So this much be a close up of part of a game’s box art?


Kessen 3? Pretty sure I’ve got at least some aspect of the game identified correctly.

Craig’s the winner!

I enjoyed that light Totalwar-ish… strategical ARPG? by Koei so much, and a recent thread revival reminded me of it…

Hey, how about that. Give me a bit and I’ll put up a new one.

Gotta hand it to you, someone will probably get this one.

Witcher 2?

Gloved hand?


Otherwise similar cover behind the black bars?

Not particularly ;)

I see what you did there.

Wait until later, even my frame titles are punderful.

Team Fortress 2

Oh, hey, I meant to update last night but things went crazy at work. So sorry about that!

That’s definitely “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons”. But I wasn’t aware it ever came in a box?!?

Well It came in a box somewhere! Granted I expect most people bought it as a digital download.

A winner is me! I will post something tonight. I am going to try taking a photo of a box I actually own, and see how that works out.

I thought they were claws!

Good eyes, Josh!

Ok, the gimmick here is that this is an actual photo I just took of an actual game box that I actually own. What game is inside this box??

(click here for big)